Apply to UW

Your research has led you to a place of navigating time lines and managing details.

Consider all financial options and responsibilities

Submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Complete the FAFSA each year by January 15 to be considered for priority financial aid at the UW.

Submit Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) - for undocumented students only

Financial aid, through state and institutional funds, is available to students who are not eligible for federal aid because of immigration status.

Create a budget and understand the types of aid available to you

Understand your budgeting and financial situation and the associated costs of being a student. In addition, make sure you understand what makes you eligible for aid at the University of Washington.

Research scholarship opportunities for transfer students

The UW-Seattle offers scholarships that cover a wide range of academic pursuits, musical and athletic talents as well as community service and research activities. Start researching what options are available.

Apply to the UW and major

Continue meeting with an academic adviser at your current institution

Your academic adviser will continue to be a helpful resource as you start exploring what classes you will want to transfer and what classes you will want to complete while still at your current institution. Almost all transfer students will have some requirements yet to be completed. This is entirely normal and expected. Students who start at the UW as freshmen are not expected, nor even encouraged, to complete their General Education requirements in their first two years. It is more important in your freshmen and sophomore years to decide on a major and begin completing its requirements, while taking some General Education courses. If possible, try to complete any sequences you started before you transfer.

Submit UW application and send transcripts to UW Admissions

Follow the UW Admissions checklist to make sure you have everything you need to apply and then submit your application! Still have questions? You can also find your admissions counselor.

Submit major application

(if applicable - not all majors will direct admit or require an application)

Some UW majors will require an additional application during the UW admissions process. It is possible to be admitted to the UW but not a specific major. Browse the UW's various academic programs. Most departments offer regular information sessions introducing the major and its required courses. Get in touch with departmental advisers to find out when sessions will be offered and to learn more about the program. UAA Advising also has some great general suggestions on how to choose a major.

If your first choice of major is capacity-constrained, and you have not applied and been admitted directly to that department, do you have a non-capacity-constrained major you'd be willing to study? If you were denied from your first-choice major and accepted to the university, make sure to review the list of undergraduate majors by admission status to consider other major options.

Consult the Disability Services Transfer Checklist to understand your accommodation options

Do you receive disability accommodations at your current institution? Consult the Disability Services Transfer Checklist for tips on how to manage your transition and then contact UW Disability Resources for Students to begin the process of transferring your accommodations to our campus.

Set up your UW NetID

After you have applied for admission, you will receive an email invitation to create a UW NetID. Follow the instructions in the email you receive. The process is different for freshman and transfer applicants.

To access services and functions at the UW you will need a NetID, which is simply our term for your username at the UW. Your NetID will also be your username for UW email. It’s yours forever, so choose wisely. A UW NetID is how you access MyUW, your personal gateway to the UW’s online resources.

Consider your living and commuting options

Evaluate the cost of living on or near campus

There are many options for living on or near campus. On-campus housing is provided through Housing & Food Services. Due to high demand and limited space, new residents may be assigned to double or triple rooms based on priority and date of application and, in some cases, length of commute. Keep in mind that you may not be notified of your housing until closer to July for our autumn quarter admits. Late applicants may be assigned to temporary housing or placed on a waiting list for the beginning of autumn quarter. There are abundant off-campus non-UW living options as well.

Evaluate the cost of commuting and what your commute could look like

Did you know that the UW is a commuter campus? Most of our students commute from all over the region. Whether you are coming from north, south, east or west side, the UW is very accessible and easy to get to. If you decide to commute to campus, map out your path and factor in commuting time into your day. Get help from UW Commute Options if you need help planning your commute.