Transfer Student Celebration Week

October 18-22, 2021

Join us as we recognize and celebrate our UW transfer students through a week of engagement opportunities and events. This will be our first year officially celebrating our transfer students, who have long been a vital part of our community. Our goal, especially this week, but throughout the year, is to build awareness of common barriers and the diverse needs and identities of our transfer student population.

Our Transfer Student Celebration Week is inspired by and held in conjunction with National Transfer Student Week

Hear from UW leadership

Dr. Ed Taylor, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Transfer students are some of the most amazing and inspirational people I’ve met in my time at UW. They are determined, focused, resolved, dedicated, future-oriented, thoughtful, brilliant, versatile and strong. They exude self-reliance and authenticity. Worth noting, transfer students graduate at the same rate and with comparable grades as students who begin college at UW in their freshman year.

Students who transfer to UW bring important perspectives and diversity to our classrooms, research endeavors and community. Transfer students often have more life experiences — work, family, service — and see college as one of many steps in their lifelong journey to learn.

Indeed, there are distinctive challenges that make them who they are because they are in the middle of their undergraduate careers when they arrive. This means they must make connections quickly and create the time and space to engage in high impact practices like study abroad, internships or undergraduate research. We are working to make this easier!

In service of our continued efforts to serve our transfer students, the University of Washington is beginning work on two new initiatives meant to streamline and improve transfer students transition the UW:

  • The Faculty Council on Academic standards is supporting departments to accept transfer students directly to their majors. This will smooth students’ transition into the University by providing an academic home from the beginning of their time at UW.

The University of Washington has entered into a partnership with the City of Seattle and Seattle Colleges to launch Path to UW a new program built to provide support, planning resources, community, and academic preparation experiences to Seattle Promise students on their journey from high school, through their Associate's Degree, and to the University of Washington.

If you are a transfer student seeking connection to other transfer students, please reach out to Tim McCoy. Faculty and Staff interested in supporting the work of transfer engagement should reach out to Joslin Boroughs.

Happy National Transfer week! Thank you for all your efforts to make UW a supportive place for our transfer students.


Ed Taylor

Mustapha Samateh, President of the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW)

Greetings to our transfer students and campus community,

Whether you are a new or returning transfer student; I am delighted to welcome you to the University of Washington. You are joining an exciting and dedicated community that will provide an education to help you meet the expectations and opportunities you will encounter in your educational journey here, your career, and throughout your life.

Transferring to a new college is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. By now you must have received many emails, and information from the university and your academic programs about navigating UW. Take it all in, and as you do, decide what you want to spend your time with here on our campus. I can vividly recall when I newly transferred to UW. It took me weeks to know where most of the buildings were located, and it took me some time to make friends and find a community I connected with. But here I am today, one of the few transfer students to be leading our student government this year. Your experiences may be different from mine but we are attending the same university, and have access to the same resources and communities. Make it feel like home because you belong here and there are many other folks working hard behind the scenes to make it feel like home for us.

As we celebrate National Transfer Student Week for the first time at the University of Washington; I want us to think about the many transfer students who came to our campus before us and advocated for the resources and opportunities we have for transfer students on our campus today. And while you're here think about how you want to contribute to the transfer student experience. The world of higher education continues to evolve and the pressures that surround our communities and the world affects us here especially with the covid-19 pandemic. We as students are part of the conversation and the commitment to setting a new normal that best reflects us as a community.

Happy National Transfer Student Week and I look forward to connecting with you all in making UW the best place it can be for Transfer students.

In her 2018 annual address to the campus community, University of Washington President, Ana Mari Cauce, highlights the work being done to increase access and opportunities for transfer students.

Event Schedule

Monday, October 18 | 4-5 p.m. - Getting Started with Scholarships for Transfer Students

Dive into the world of scholarships with us! You’ll learn about scholarship opportunities available to you in the coming years. We’ll share information on how to search effectively and apply competitively | Join us on Zoom

Tuesday (10/19) 1-2 p.m. and Friday (10/22) 2:30-3:30 p.m. - Drop-In to the Commuter and Transfer Commons

HUB 141

Come and explore the commuter and transfer commons, a dedicated space in the HUB providing services to students who commute or have transferred to the UW. Our student associates are ready to give you a tour and quiz you on some husky trivia.

Tuesday, October 19 - Transfer Tuesday - Visit CLUE Tutoring!

Mary Gates Hall Commons

Stop by CLUE drop-in tutoring on Tuesday night from 7-11 pm to grab a to-go snack as we celebrate transfer students! Our tutors are excited to support you all and can answer any questions you may have about different subject areas.

Wednesday, October 20 I 3-4 p.m. - Career & Internship Center Essentials for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, it’s important to understand what steps you will need to take to ensure your career success once you graduate. Join the Career & Internship Center to learn about the various resources and programs available to you so you can start planning for your future career today! I Join us on Zoom

Wednesday, October 20, 5-6 p.m. - Academic Support Programs Suite Tour

Meet at Mary Gates Hall 141

Come meet Academic Support Programs' (ASP) staff and get a tour of the ASP suite and office space! Join ASP to learn about their CLUE tutoring and Academic Success Coaching programs and ways they can support you in your academic journey at UW.

Thursday, October 21, 4-5 p.m. - Meet and Greet with the Transfer Student Academic Success Coach

Commuter and Transfer Commons HUB 141

Come meet and chat with ASP's Transfer Student Academic Success Coach, Kaylee! As a transfer student herself, she is excited to support you and is available for one-on-one Academic Success Coaching sessions about time management, study strategies, navigating UW, and more. Learn more about her role as a coach and get to chat with her about your transfer experience so far!

All week - Meet with an Academic Success Coach!

Mary Gates Hall 141 or Virtual

Academic Success Coaches are peers who can help you develop skills in time management, effective study strategies, goal setting, finding campus resources, and more. They are here to support you as you transition to UW. Meet with an Academic Success Coach this week to be entered in a drawing to win a fun prize from ASP!

Supporting transfer students: faculty & staff resources

A host of resources are available to those supporting transfer students. Below is a quick list and a link to view our full resources page.

Learn More

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Student Voices

Sarah Anderson

I think that every student should know about the UW Counseling Center. I heard about it spring quarter, but I wish I had heard about it sooner and had been encouraged to go at least talk to someone about my first quarter. I experienced Transfer Shock, I barely overcame it, but I had my family’s love and support! Thus far, my favorite Husky memory has been attending football games with my sister.

—Sarah Anderson, Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood